Obesity has increased its incidence throughout the world and become a major public health problem. Therefore, diseases associated with obesity have increased their prevalence in the same proportion.

Unfortunately, clinical treatment for obesity by means of diets, medications, and physical activity has proved ineffective in producing substantial and durable weight reduction. On the other hand, scientific evidence has shown that bariatric surgical interventions present the best results in terms of weight control and, consequently, effective control of diseases associated with obesity in the medium and long term.

Indeed, a recent review covering the past seven decades published in one of the most credible journals in the international scientific community (JAMA - the Journal of the American Medical Association) has shown that bariatric surgery has consistently produced an average reduction of 70% of overweight, leading to remission of diabetes in 67% of cases, hypertension in 40% of cases and dyslipidemia in 60% of cases, at least 2 years after the procedure (Roux-en-Y bypass).

Considering that these factors are directly related to cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer, it is estimated that the impact of bariatric surgery results in an approximately 10-year increase in the life expectancy of the patients who underwent surgery, without considering the enormous benefits to them in terms of quality of life.

This is all very good, isn’t it? Well, what of all this? It's not just as simple as going to the market, buying some groceries, and returning home with the problem solved. Keep in mind: the bariatric and metabolic surgery is a process that starts with the right medical indication and the decision to do it and that this decision will go along with you for life. The great insight is to be advised throughout the process by a multidisciplinary team of excellence composed of surgeons, nutritionists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, and clinicians.

Thinking about that, M.D. José Afonso Sallet has created the SALLET INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE (INSTITUTO DE MEDICINA SALLET) about 18 years ago and our Institute has become, throughout this period, a world reference of excellence in the surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.
For all these reasons, we look forward to your visit and we are at your disposal to treat you with an ethical, modern, and safe medical practice.