Gastric Bypass or Roux-en-Y Gastroplasty with Intestinal Derivation (Capella) is a technique for the surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases which consists of constructing a new small gastric reservoir (stomach with 50mL approximately) and anastomosing (suture) this reservoir with the intestine placed below, about 1 meter shorter.

The rest of the stomach and the diverted gut are not removed from the body. They are only excluded from the food and digestive enzymes path. In this way, the amount of ingested food, as well as the absorbed, is lower. In addition, the level of hormones that give you a feeling of satiety and reduce hunger is also increased.

It is a mixed surgical technique, with the predominance of the restrictive factor. The amount of food that the person can ingest is quite limited. The main advantage is the adequate and lasting weight loss in almost all patients who maintain healthy eating habits and regular physical activity practices.

Some complications can occur as infection, hernia and fistula (extravasation of the contents of the stomach or intestine to the abdominal cavity or to the skin), lack of macro and micronutrients. Most patients have an excellent quality of life after the first months of the surgery and this technique is the most performed in Brazil, corresponding to 75% of the surgeries performed in the country.

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